About Us

Social Gifting is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, supported by NorthWest CDC. Founded and spearheaded by undergraduates from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Social Gifting was born out of a common need to make our community a better place. Our work aims to create a community where crafting can bring people together, enable social impact and enrich communities.

We help crafters find strength, enabling them to be a giver instead of a mere beneficiary, distract them from their illness, relieve their stress and help them earn passive income.

Each gift makes a difference in the lives of those who struggle to overcome the obstacles they face. Join us to empower seniors in isolation, women, warriors with illnesses and special needs to enable them to live more sustainably.

Shop something at Social Gifting for your loved one and a little extra goes to someone in need, or volunteer with us to spread that joy a little further by teaching them a new skill.


Social Gifting

Meet our team

Valen Tan Husistein (Founder)

Inspired by her 3 children, Valen decided to pursue a career in the Social Service Sector. In 2015, she left the private sector and took up a Fundraising role in the Social Service Sector and organised events such as live telecast TV Charity Show, Flag Days, Charity Swim & more.

In 2017, to develop a stronger theoretical foundation of the sector, she decided to pursue a degree in Social Work at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and graduated in 2021. With the support of SUSS, she started Social Gifting to provide meaningful activities / passive income to people who are unable to leave home due to caregiving duties or physical constraints.

Come join her mission to empower the less fortunate to build on their strengths and enable them to live an enriching life with dignity.

Jennifer Lim (Student Volunteer Development Coach)

Jennifer's mission is to live by example in her life to inspire and transform dreams that matter into reality.

She has served more than a decade as a volunteer with Beautiful People Singapore, helping out in the Singapore Women's Prison and the youth at risk being a mentor to dream a better life achieving the life they see outside prison and shelter house.

With a Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, she wants to use her coaching and training skills to add more value to social enterprise. She believes that when social enterprise fulfills their mission, they will in return, make a more significant impact for their chosen beneficiary.

Athena Ho (Finance Manager)

With a degree in Accounting and Finance, Athena spent 17 years in the corporate world in Finance.

Now blessed with 2 daughters, she is grateful to be given this opportunity to give back to society through her work at Social Gifting, where the differently-abled can be recognised and empowered through their craftwork, thereby allowing them to lead meaningful, enriching and fulfilling lives.

Duygu Sahin (Marketing & Business Lead)

Duygu is originally from Turkey, studied Chemical Engineering as bachelor degree and pursued her MBA from Seoul National University. Before beginning her current position at Social Gifting she worked for one of the international advertising companies in Dubai. After 7 years
expat life in Dubai she moved to Singapore with her son and husband.

Duygu was always eager to contribute to a positive change whether in a personal or professional level, that’s why she is very grateful for having the opportunity to use her expertise to support the mission of Social Gifting.

Sheryl Au (Marketing & Business Lead)

Currently pursuing a degree in Marketing, with hopes of being able to contribute back to society by lending a helping hand to those in need, together with Social Gifting.

Lee Shuyi (Marketing & Logistics Assistant)

With a Diploma in Applied Psychology, Shuyi wishes to use her crafting skills to help the differently-abled crafters to find joy and confidence in the work they do.

Tan Li Jia (Retail Intern)

Li Jia is graduating with a Higher Nitec in Online & Retail Business from ITE College Central. She hopes to use her positivity and skills to empower the differently-abled crafters at Social Gifting.

SUSS Social Gifters

Social Gifters (CE6)

December 2021 to June 2022

Led by Dexter & En Ying

(Names from top to bottom, left to right)

First Row: Dexter, En Ying (Leader), Kristle, Ci En, Sheryl, Zhi Xiu (Volunteer Management)

Second Row: Jia Wen, Athena, Ryan, Cherie, Sze Theng (Finance), Cen Min (Sales & Business Development)

Third Row: Wilson, Fang Ru, Ivy, ZiQun (Sales & Business Development), Gabrielle, Charmaine, Chang Jing (Logistics)

Fourth Row: Say Guan, Jun Wei (Logistics), Adilah, Meagan, Ovini, Petrina, Xin Ying (Marketing)

Social Gifters (CE5)

June to December 2021

Led by YiZhen & Juana

(Names from top to bottom, left to right)

First row: Juana (Co-leader), Yi Zhen (Co-leader), Rachel, Natalie (Volunteer Management)

Second row: Joanna, Felicia (Volunteer Management), Eugena, Carina, Lei Feng, Paul (Finance)

Third row: Ephraim, Michelle, Abigail, Benedict (Sales & Biz Development), Jia Wen, Ze Ying (Logistics)

Forth row: Coco, Mitchell (Logistics), Dylan, Ling Ling, Jing Xuan, Liz (Marketing)

Social Gifters (CE4)

December 2020 to June 2021

Led by Anna & Angel

(Names from top to bottom, left to right)

First row: Anna (Leader), Angel (Co-leader)

Second row: Gabriel, Pamela, Su Min, Zyron,(Biz Development), Timothy (Finance)

Third row: Valencia, Yun Hui (Finance), Esther, Grace, Chloe (Marketing)

Forth row: Rachel (Marketing), Carrie, Jona, Lin Hui, Yi Xian (Volunteer Management)

Fifth row: Jason, Jayna, Mayfanny, Shannon, Zixin (Sales & Logistics)

Social Gifters (CE3)

June to December 2020

Led by Yasmin & Adela

(Names from top to bottom, left to right)

First row: Yasmin (Leader), Denise, Jaclyn, Megan (Sales & Logistics)

Second row: Adela (Leader), Rosini, Darlene, Krithikah (Biz Development)

Third row: Kuan Lian (Finance), Dion, Shaun, Yan Ru (Marketing)

Forth row: Izzatie (Finance), Clarrisa, Melanie, Jing Ning (Volunteer Management)

Students Mentors:  Shawn Tan, Leonard Soh, Ayden Lin, Lee Ping Swen

Social Gifters (CE2)

January to June 2020

Led by Ayden Lin Hui & Angel Lone

(Names from back to front, left to right)

Third row: Ying Rui (Finance), Aaron (Biz Dev), Ayden (Leader)
Second row: Henni (Sales & Log), Wan Zhen (Biz Dev),
Kelly (Biz Dev), Hannah (Volunteer Mgt), Kusala (Biz Dev I/C), Evelyn (Marketing), Lee Ting (Finance), Angel (Co-leader)

First row: Jolyn (Sales & Log I/C), Pearlyn (Sales and Log), Karen (Volunteer Mgt), Qai (Marketing I/C),
Kai Ting (Marketing), Olivia (Marketing), Elaine (Finance I/C), Hanisah (Volunteer Mgt), Hui Sing (Volunteer Mgt I/C)

Not in photo: Lan Juan (Finance), Hui Eng (Sales and Log)

Social Gifters (CE1)

August to November 2019

Led by Shawn & Loysius

(Names from back to front, left to right)

Leader: Shawn Tan

Co-leader: Loysius Lai 

Logistic I/C: Leonard Soh

Finance Specialist #1: Goh Jun Xiong

Sales I/C: Stephanie Lim

Marketing I/C #1: Lee Ping Swen

Marketing I/C #2: Sheryl Leong 

Finance Specialist #2: Nur Iffah Liyana

Lee Ping Swen (Honourary Founding Member)

August 2019 to June 2021

With prior knowledge of Social Enterprise from her polytechnic education, Ping Swen grew interest for Social Gifting during her community engagement as she witnessed how elderly were empowered through the crafting program.

Ping has contributed to Social Gifting by developing B2B segment and through that, she has successfully brought in our biggest sales of 9,000 felt pouches.

We would like to thank her for her contributions to Social Gifting and for guiding the SUSS Social Gifters to continue doing good for the community.