Empower Warriors With Illness

Shermine Tan, Mental Health Warrior 

Shermine is seeking professional help and working towards recovery. Mental illness is not a choice and she needs your compassion, support and strength. She hopes to gain confidence and slowly integrate back to society through crafting. 

NCID Cares (Red Ribbon Project)

NCID Cares was initiated to help rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem of patients living with HIV and integrate them  into society.

Crafting equips the patients with life skills through social interaction and helps them cope with psychosocial needs.

Supporting their work provides the crafters hope and acceptance and help them cope effectively in the different stages of their life and enhance their quality of life.

Aunty Susan Thong, Cancer Warrior

Aunty Susan was called home to the Lord on 11 Sep 2021 after a long battle with Lung Cancer. We have had such beautiful memories of Aunty Susan over the last 3 years. Aunty Susan and her family would like to thank everyone for supporting them over these few years. Her husband will continue her work and legacy in her memory. 

Zann, Mental Health Warrior

Zann is seeking professional help to build up her mental health again. Your gift will empower her to reintegrate back to the society

Aunty June, Cancer Warrior

Aunty June has won her battle with stomach cancer and now makes beautiful pouches and beaded crafts. Through crafting, Aunty June has gained strength and found purpose after her recovery. Your gift will aid in her recovery and reintegration into society.