A new record is made because Your Dream Matters!


Eight hundred fifty-seven dream boards and dream conversations were assembled to break the Singapore Book of Records for National Day. In line with NDP SG57's theme, "Stronger Together, Majulah!", Dream Weaver and Founder of Thy Dreams Matter, Jennifer Lim, was set to bring Singaporeans together to hear their dreams. 

Jennifer started with a small plan to gather 57 friends to discuss their dreams and celebrate National Day. A friend challenged her to bring together 570 dream boards instead. People were intrigued, and 857 dream boards were created in the end.

Social Gifting is excited to come onboard Dream Big, Singapore! Social Gifting sponsored 500 Dream Big bears to Thy Dreams Matter to encourage participation. We gathered 37 crafters and 20 volunteers to "craft" the dream bears with the differently-abled crafters. We had fun upcycling the bear by removing the Xmas theme clothing and adding a ribbon to it. Typing a ribbon may be easy for us, but people with Special Needs find tying hard or even impossible. It was a good "craft" for them to maintain their fine motor skills and an opportunity to hear their dreams.

Social Gifting curated three Dream Board workshops with Thy Dreams Matter. We started with 39 dream boards with Singapore University Social Sciences Student Leaders, 26 with Seniors at Lions Befrienders and 10 with Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. Multiple dreams were exchanged, reminding us that we are never too old, too poor, too young, or too sick to live our dreams. We might not get there the same way as others, but if we start to believe in our dreams and chase them now, we'll eventually get there.

We are thankful to be part of this meaningful collaboration and strive to bring more empowering activities to enrich the differently-abled crafters.


Read more about the collaboration @ https://thydreamsmatter.com/

@socialgifting Happy 57th Birthday wishes from the different-abled crafters at Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. They are holding on to their dream boards for a Stronger Singapore. #NDP2022 #socialgifting #strongertogether #sgvolunteer #suss ♬ Stronger Together - Taufik Batisah ft. The Island Voices


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