Celebrating the Bond Between Mother and Daughter

Mother's Day is a special day dedicated to all the mothers around the world who have been instrumental in shaping our lives. It is a day to express our love and gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made for us. For Masnisah and her daughter Aqiyah, every day is a celebration of their love and bond. Masnisah and her daughter Aqiyah share a unique bond that is rooted in spending quality time together, crafting, singing, and playing games. Their relationship is a testament to the love between a mother and daughter, and Masnisah's patience, understanding, and love for her daughter serve as an inspiration to all mothers out there. 

Masnisah and her daughter, Aqiyah are crafters at Social Gifting. Aqiyah, 23, is a young lady who is multi-talented in many areas and is currently on a waitlist for the APSN Centre of Adults and has tried looking for a job but to no avail. Her mother, Masnisah, 59, is a primary caregiver for Aqiyah. At Social Gifting, the mother-daughter duo make plushies that they hope can bring comfort to users. 

Crafting is a beloved activity that they both enjoy doing together. Aqiyah’s strong desire for crafting stems from her love of cosplaying. She has an excellent eye for colour, shape, and style, and is attentive to small details. Masnisah, on the other hand, loves sewing and learned the basics from her mother when she was younger. Masnisah wants to teach her daughter that crafting is a peaceful activity that teaches patience and she strongly believes that crafting allows individuals to release emotions and feelings. Their beautiful crafts can be found @ https://www.social-gifting.com/collections/aqiyah-and-masnisah.

For other mothers out there, Masnisah's advice is to be patient and understand your children's emotions. She believes in recognizing your child's strengths and weaknesses by observing their tone, expression, body language, and movement. With a hyperactive child, Masnisah learned many ways for her daughter to listen to her. An experience that she brought up was that for Aqiyah to do something, Masnisah would need to do the actions with her for her to listen. Aqiyah is also a very curious individual, so Masnisah always tries her best to explain things to her.

Parenting is a two-way relationship between parents and their children. It involves a mutual exchange of emotions, thoughts, and actions between the parent and child. As a mother, Masnisah always tries to learn from her daughter’s interests. In return, Masnisah also imparts valuable life lessons to her daughter and strongly believes in responding nicely to any situation.

Masnisah places a high value on open communication with her daughter, Aqiyah.  Masnisah mentioned that when Aqiyah is faced with a situation, Masnisah typically provides her daughter with practical solutions, along with reasoning and advice to help her resolve any issue.  She understands that by explaining her concerns to Aqiyah, she is creating a better opportunity for Aqiyah to listen and understand. By fostering critical thinking skills in her daughter, Masnisah is empowering her to make informed decisions and develop important life skills.

Lastly, Masnisah values the importance of having a positive mind and body because a healthy parent is better equipped to handle the challenges of parenting. “A healthy mind and heart make you happier with your kid.” is what Masnisah mentioned. She believes that taking care of oneself mentally and physically can lead to greater resilience and patience when dealing with the stresses of daily life. 

Masnisah and Aqiyah's relationship is a testament to the bond between a mother and daughter. On this Mother's Day, let us celebrate the love and dedication of all the mothers who have helped shape our lives. Let us take a moment to show our gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made and continue to make. And let us remember Masnisah's wise advice, to be patient and understanding with our children, to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and to always be there for them.




- Written By: Crystal Cheah (SUSS)

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