Empowering Through Service: Valen’s Journey

As the founder of Social Gifting, Valen pioneers in creating meaningful connections and giving back. However, her commitment doesn't end there. Balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her role as a Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) officer with the Singapore Police Force (SPF), she embodies modern multitasking. Recently featured by both SPF and 8World, she is an example of someone who seamlessly wears multiple hats and work through various roles simultaneously.

In the feature, Valen’s journey as a VSC officer comes to light, revealing a personal motivation behind her commitment towards the service. Since joining the VSC scheme in 2019, she has dedicated her time to supporting SPF’s mission. However, what sets her story apart is the heartfelt inspiration behind her decision to join SPF.

Valen’s journey into volunteerism with SPF was ignited by a personal connection – her son’s aspiration in becoming a police officer. Despite him facing challenges with dyslexia, Valen saw an opportunity to inspire her son by taking on the role as a VSC officer. Her decision towards this path reflects a powerful blend between her devotion as a mother and her community spirit, as she seeks to motivate her children and contribute to the safety and well-being of our community through her service with SPF.

Valen's dedication towards service to the community extends beyond her role with SPF. As the founder of Social Gifting, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting differently-abled individuals, she exemplifies a commitment to empower others and foster an inclusive society. Social Gifting provides a platform for the inidviduals to showcase their talents and earn a passive income, empowering them to be givers rather than beneficiaries. Valen's vision and mission for Social Gifting reflects on her belief in the transformative power of community support and the importance of enabling individuals to live enriching lives.

To learn more about Valen's inspiring journey, check out the feature by SPF and 8World here:


Written by: Batrisya Zainol


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