Farewell interview with our outgoing Student Volunteer Development Coach - Jennifer Lim

We are incredibly grateful for Ms Jennifer Lim’s contribution as Social Gifting’s Student Volunteer Development Coach for the past 3 years - from CE5 to CE10. During Jennifer’s time with Social Gifting, she has engaged and connected with numerous batches of student volunteers, supporting them meaningfully and inspiring growth within them.

Here, Jennifer answers some questions about her time with us at Social Gifting, as well as looking back on some fond memories. Once again, thank you Jennifer, for your selfless time and heart to serve. Your contributions are much appreciated and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours!

1) What are your main takeaways from mentoring at Social Gifting?

"I learn and evolve with each group of student volunteers. It is rewarding to see their unique skills benefit the community. Together with our partners and beneficiaries, we embark on an empowering journey of growth and learning."

2) Could you share one memorable experience from your time with Social Gifting? 

"We partnered with Japanese partners, BABA Lab and Miharu, for a one-week capstone project. The program included a two-day community outreach event at Lions Befrienders and a public forum at Heartbeat@Bedok. The students worked hard to make the project successful and we exchanged ideas about ageing well in the community. It was impressive to see how they balanced their studies, work, and community engagement."

3) Out of all our values (CRAFT), which is the most important to you and why?

“I believe that all the values are important as they represent Social Gifting. Together, we care, build trust, and appreciate everyone who come on board to make a difference in fostering change.”

4) Do you have any parting words for the Social Gifting team?

"Small acts and beliefs have great power for the community. Remember, you are never alone as a Social Gifter. Once a Social Gifter, always a Social Gifter. Keep moving forward!

I am grateful to have been a mentor for three years. I am excited to celebrate Social Gifting's sixth anniversary with you in August."


We thank Jennifer once again and she will be passing the baton over to our new Student Volunteer Development Coach, Mr Ernest Lee, who will be continuing the meaningful journey ahead!

Interview conducted by: Ethan (SMU) and Rana (SUSS)



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