Impact Festival 2022

- written by Tan En Ying (Leader of SUSS CE6) 


I am deeply grateful to have been provided with the incredible opportunity to spearhead the organisation and planning of our Social Gifting booth at the Impact Festival @ Jurong Spring along with my co-leader, Dexter Ang.

Over the past 3 days, Social Gifting has been busy increasing awareness of our crafters' plights and promote their work at the Impact Festival @ Jurong Spring. From giving a talk on our brand to an audience to having conversations with the public and other exhibitors, we strove to share more about our crafters and garner more people in joining us to empower our crafters.

A big thank you to LionsForge for organising this event so that we have a platform to share more about Social Gifting and our crafters. Featuring various exhibitors including startups and social enterprises, the Impact Festival aimed to bring together local innovators in sustainability, social, education and maker communities to create a unique space for the Jurong community to learn, connect, participate and make a real impact.

Over the course of the 3-day event, twenty-five student Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) student volunteers came together to share more about Social Gifting and increase awareness of our crafters' plights. The students also strove to further empower our crafters by promoting the various handmade products crafted by them in addition to successfully recruiting 15 volunteers throughout the event.

Lastly, thank you to my CE6 team who have been nothing short of amazing. If not for you, we would not have been able to pull this off in such a short amount of time.  Within a week, we managed to compile a list of products we would bring down, finished designing the posters that would be displayed to share more about our organisation and the products, set our KPIs and roster schedule for the booth manning and so much more.

This experience has definitely been challenging but it has also shaped me to become a better leader and a better individual. I look forward to seeing the greater things that are in-store for Social Gifting, for CE6 and also for me.

Social Gifting is committed to supporting 6 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs build on the commitment of all countries to 'leave no one behind'. This global, inclusive pledge corresponds closely with the mission of Social Gifting, which is to empower crafters to build on their strengths to enable them to live an enriching life with dignity.

The Impact Festival @ Jurong Spring has helped Social Gifting to achieve SDG 17:

Goal 17 – Partnership by supporting collaboration and inclusive community. The Impact Festival involved other exhibitors who were also social enterprises, enabling us to source potential partners for future collaborations to promote an inclusive community.
To read more on UN SDGs, please refer to

Thank you to all who came down to the event to visit and support us at the Impact Festival @ Jurong Spring.

We look forward to participating in more events to increase awareness of our crafters' plights and spread our message and cause. We all have different strengths. Together, we can make a difference in the community.

Sign off, 

En Ying on behalf of students leaders from CE6💙

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