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Social Gifting

Our crafters are differently-abled with special needs, and other challenges. Being able to create products empowers them, and helps them earn a passive income. Working allows them to be givers instead of beneficiaries. Join us to empower them.

Send a gift & enable someone to earn an income

Social Gifting Do Good Gift Card

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Your work is amazing! This is my third time buying from you and I am never disappointed!


To the crafters: Your craft is so beautifully made and to those from Social Gifting - thank you for this meaningful way to spread love and kindness in our society and also for creating awareness....


The Art work is beautiful. Thank you for creating it. Continue to do what you loves and Passion for. Press on!

Ms Yap

Items are very well made. I have been using 1 for a few years and it still look good. Therefore decided to purchase some as Christmas gifts. Will keep checking out on the site for more gifts in the future.


I started getting gifts from social enterprises for friends and family a few years ago. Social Gifting never fails to deliver good quality products and service every time! thank you for all the hard work and especially for being YOU!


Thank you for the prompt follow ups and for being very helpful when I had issues with selecting delivery and personalised options! I also appreciate the check-ins on whether I’m pleased with how the gift looks. Excellent service and support. :) Thank you!


I just want to affirm you and your organisation for the great efficiency in managing this social enterprise.  The entire process of ordering and payment was with ease.  I received the gifts today, way before the projected delivery time too. Thank you once again for helping the underprivileged. I will definitely recommend your organisation to my friends. Thanks!


I really love how intentional every person I have interacted with to purchase my gift are. They were very kind to make concessions to my requests and were very patient with all my inquiries, even during the weekend nights. I also am very inspired by all the gifts with the motivational messages on the charms. Thank you also for handwriting my very long message too! I will definitely come back again!


Thank you, fantastic crafters for all your hard work for making all the gifts of love. Thank you, fabulous coordinating and design team for making logistics and design happen!


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