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SingPost’s iconic blue uniforms previously worn by its Postal staff have been given a new lease of life as lifestyle products that members of the public can now purchase in its Re:Post project, an upcycling initiative in a bid to aid both the environment and community.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Social Gifting is very excited to be involved in SingPost's upcycling initiative and play our part to build a sustainable environment and inclusive society.

In SingPost's upcycling initiative, twenty-one Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) students and thirty-two volunteers spent over 80 hours working with seniors living alone to create these exquisite gifts. Thirty seniors spent more than 1,000 hours over two months to create 1,240 pieces of bottle carriers, tissue holders, coin pouches and toilet roll holders.

During the pandemic, seniors are not able to continue their routine, which is challenging for them. SingPost's upcycling initiative kept the seniors occupied and enabled us to check on them and share the latest covid news with them. Crafting also helped them to avoid social isolation and supported their mental wellbeing while improving fine motor skills.

Social Gifting is committed to supporting 6 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs build on the commitment of all countries to 'leave no one behind'. This global, inclusive pledge corresponds closely with the mission of Social Gifting.


The Singpost upcycling initiative has helped Social Gifting to achieve 2 SDGs goals:

  • - Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production through repurposing old uniforms, reducing waste and supporting sustainable consumption and production.

  • Goal 17 – Partnership by supporting collaboration and inclusive community. SingPost partnered with three social enterprises – Alfya Atelier, Our Barehands and Social Gifting X South West Community Development Council - to design and create new products from used postmen uniforms. This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with organisations that share our vision and commitment to our society.


To read more on UN SDGs, please refer to https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/


We look forward to partnering with like-minded partners to create more engaging projects as such. We all have different strengths. Together, we can make a difference in the community.


 You can purchase the Re:Post products from our online store : https://shop.singpost.com/promotions/repost-charity-campaign.html


Testimonials from our collaborators:

Aunty Betty, Volunteer Head Coach, Social Gifting:

"It was a great pleasure to involve in SingPost's upcycling initiatives, from conceptualising to producing the actual gifts.  The pandemic has left me feeling aimless at home. When Social Gifting approached me to participate in SingPost upcycling project, it brightened up my life again. I immediately dedicated myself to the project and created over ten prototypes, and four were chosen for production. I then created the sewing instructions and taught around 30 seniors how to cut and sew the products. Within a short 2 months, we created 1,240 pieces of coin pouches, tissue holders, bottle bags and toilet roll holders with seniors at risk of isolation at Lions Befrienders.
I am thankful for the opportunity that Social Gifting, Southwest CDC and SingPost have given me, which has helped us to discover our strengths through crafting and enable us to relieve social isolation and gain passive income during the pandemic."

Molly Lek, Senior Centre Manager, Lions Befrienders:

 "Due to the pandemic, seniors have been isolated at home. It was challenging at the beginning as the seniors didn't have the confidence that they could sew. However, the seniors felt encouraged when the tasks were broken down into smaller manageable steps based on their skills. They could even teach other seniors what they have mastered. Crafting allows them to be "givers" instead of "beneficiaries"; therefore, they feel more responsible for the community, and it helps them to gain confidence and stay connected. Crafting also benefits seniors` mental wellbeing and fine motor skills.
We are very proud to be involved in SingPost's upcycling project. We hope to have similar opportunities to engage the seniors."

Lee Jia Wen on behalf of Team SUSS, Second Year Business Student, SUSS:

 "There is limited face to face and volunteering opportunities due to Covid. We are proud to be part of SingPost upcycling project, where we can play our part to build a sustainable environment with upcycling and inclusive society. We are impressed with the seniors' dedication and teamwork spirit."

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