Empower Warriors with Special Needs

Gek Teng & Gek Huee, persons with Autism

The Gek sisters graduated from Special Education School and would like to continue practising the skills they learned from ​school. After graduation, the daily support provided by the school system ends and many young adults who age out of high school programs fall off the “service cliff.”

They need to stay engaged! Their parents need support! Let us support the Gek sisters to continue finding their true strengths through crafting.

Gareth, persons with Autism

These tiled coasters are proudly created by Gareth, a teenage boy with autism. Gareth has recently been having behavioural issues and making these coasters and other mosaic creations keeps him focussed and calm. The proceeds he earns will go directly to fund his home therapy costs. We hope you will like his crafts and find them useful around your home!

On behalf of Gareth, thank you very much for your kind support!

Vince, persons with Autism

Vince is a young man with Autism who enjoys doing diamond art. Your purchase will help fund this meaningful engagement and a dignified means of livelihood. He hopes to share his talent and artwork with our community.

Bernice, persons with Autism

Bernice is a young lady with Autism who enjoys pasting stickers. Your purchase will enable us to keep her engaged at home and maintain her fine motor skills through crafting. She hopes to share her differently-abled talent and artwork with our community through this platform.

Alysya, persons with Femoral Facial Disability

Alysya is an amazing young lady, who is multi-talented in many areas. Having graduated from Rainbow Centre in 2020, she has recently joined Social Gifting as a Calligraphy Artist.

Join us in our journey to empower Alysya through her beautiful art work.

Joycelyn, persons with Autism

Joycelyn is unable to work due to her medical conditions. She is happy to do packaging with Social Gifting. Each person with autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges and she hopes people can see her beyond her label.

Gloria, persons with Autism

Gloria is a very talented young lady with Autism. She used to work in a bakery shop to generate income and keep herself engaged before pandemics. However, due to the pandemic restrictions, she couldn’t be able to continue her job at a bakery and started to create those beautiful greeting cards with her mother at home to interpret her world and to generate passive income. We hope you join us to support her family and encourage her creativity and imagination.

Jacklyn, Vocally & Hearing Impaired Warrior

Jacklyn has lots of wonderful stories to share but she don't have the voice. She wishes to share her story, love, and strength with you through her stitches and gifts that she has created.

Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

Bishan Home promotes lifelong learning opportunities for adults with intellectual disability. They aim to develop and extend skills through providing active support to enable clients to achieve the quality of life that promotes independence and integration. 
Social Gifting partners Bishan Home by providing weekly crafting sessions to keep them engaged & improve their fine motor skills.

MINDS (Idea-Employment Development Centre)

MINDS IEDC supports people with intellectual disabilities through vocation training and various employment aids since 1992. 

Social Gifting partners MINDS by engaging their beneficiaries with packaging jobs and raise funds to promote employment for people with special needs. 

Bizlink Centre Singapore  - Sheltered Workshop Program

Bizlink serves the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment in Singapore​. 

Social Gifting partners Bizlink by engaging their beneficiaries with packaging jobs to promote employment for people with special needs.