Interview with our Mentor - Mohd Ali


We are incredibly thankful to have Mohd Ali as our mentor. His wealth of experience has opened our eyes and mind to unlimited possibilities.

Under his guidance over the last year, we have recalibrated our resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness internally. We were also connected to external partners to bring forth new collaborations and synergy with like-minded organisations to serve the community better.

While scaling up the business, Mohd Ali has also reminded us to be mindful of the social impact and introduced many tools to measure social impact.

This blog entry pays homage to his wondrous contributions to our organisation. Read on to see how Mohd Ali’s efforts have led Social Gifting to where it is today.


Can you share more about your role as a mentor?

A mentor acts as an advisor. My experiences in social work practice, supervision, programme planning, and organisational management are the basis for advice when my mentees seek guidance. I also try to assist my mentees by connecting them to my networks. This will allow them to acquire assistance on matters beyond my own expertise.

What values would you like to impart to us as a mentor?

I would hope that Social Gifting remains focused on its social mission as its success continues to grow. The values of humility to keep learning and to be purposeful and intentional in your actions are what I hope will remain in the team.

What are some of the goals you’ve achieved with Social Gifting?

My purpose for this one-year mentorship is to help Social Gifting set future goals and direction. The organisation has also wonderfully addressed and impacted the gaps in services for certain groups in our society. I believe we have achieved that goal.


Thank you, Mohd Ali for opening our eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. We are grateful for your guidance and kindness!

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