Our Learning Journey with Social Gifting - CE9 Capstone Project

In July 2023, a chapter unfolded as SUSS and SMU collaborated on the first ever joint-university Community Engagement (CE) project with Social Gifting. This was an amalgamation of two communities, with students who are passionate and curious about the art of giving through crafts.  

On 21 October 2023, SUSS and SMU students from CE9 organised a mass crafting session at Lions Befrienders (Ghim Moh). The experience of visiting the seniors and crafting alongside our peers was enriching as we fostered lasting bonds and memories.

Following this, CE9 represented Social Gifting at the i’mable Gift Market at Enabling Village on 2 December 2023. Through this event, CE9 got the opportunity to showcase the fruits of our collaboration with immense pride through outreach to the public. Despite it being a one-day event, CE9 put in considerable effort in planning and preparing for the big day. One meaningful product line that was launched on that day was our capstone project - the ‘Baobei’ series. The series was created by Mr Tang Wen Xi, 20, who is a student at Temasek Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Product Experience and Design. Wen Xi created and designed the series consisting of a pouch, cardholder and keyholder, which encapsulates both functionality and cuteness. Under his guidance, these products were then handmade by seniors at Lions Befrienders, as well as individual crafters Tyron, Ramesh and his mother, Malliga. We are immensely proud of Wen Xi and grateful for his creation. We are also thankful for the chance to volunteer our time at the Gift Market and showcase the products crafted by the differently-abled crafters.

Our goal for this capstone project is to empower the crafters as innovators and creators, providing them avenues to earn passive income through the sale of their products. This experience has not only humbled us but also emboldened us to continue advocating our passions on a larger scale. 

A quote from our CE9 Leader from SMU, Carissa Ho: “My CE experience was extremely heartwarming! I had the opportunity to visit crafters who came from diverse backgrounds and learn about their experiences. It was rewarding to be part of this creative journey of giving back to society through craftwork. I will cherish these memories of working with the crafters, the Social Gifting team and my fellow peers.”

With the unwavering support of our mentors - Valen, Jennifer, Duygu, and Phyllis, as well as our Finance, Logistics, Sales and Business Development, Marketing and Volunteer Management student teams, we navigated challenges and celebrated success.

We are passing the baton to CE10 with optimism, excitement, and eagerness to share with them the boundless potential of collaboration and creativity. We are confident that CE10 will continue to build upon the foundation laid by the many CEs before them, effecting meaningful change and enriching lives through the art of crafting. 

All in all, our journey with Social Gifting has been nothing short of transformative, shaping not only the lives of the crafters we have met, but also our own. As we reflect on the milestones achieved and the lessons we have learnt, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team and will continue to make a difference in our daily lives.

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