Aunty Betty, Retiree

Aunty Betty is a cancer warrior who has retired and is now a pioneer crafter. She takes pride in her craftwork such as sewing and crocheting as it is an enjoyable process that can teach her many new things. Being a volunteer with us, she wishes to inspire and nurture the differently-abled crafters to be craftrepreneurs.

Through crafting and volunteering with Social Gifting, she found a new lease of life, reignited passion, love for the community, and a sense of purpose.

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Mdm Freda, Retiree

Mdm Freda has retired to help look after her grandchildren. Now that her little one is slightly older, she wishes to do more for herself during her spare time. She’s passionate about sewing and knitting and had dreamt of sharing her creations with others. 

Your support can help to enhance her skills and become more active through her silver years as she embarks on a journey with Social Gifting to find her true strengths.

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Faz, brave mother of 5 young children

Being a mother is not an easy task. Though it can be fulfilling, there are many challenges as well. Moreover, Mdm Faz has 5 young children who needs her loving care and support. Crafting has helped to empower her to lead an enriching life with dignity and to relieve her stress levels as well.

Let us help her through this arduous time by supporting her craftwork.

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​Granny Linda, proud granny of four

Family is everything to Granny Linda. She raised her children singlehandedly and did everything she can to provide care for her family. During her free time, she loves to do crafts such as sewing and crocheting, hoping to be able to bring more income to her family.

We hope you can support Granny Linda's craftwork to keep her active and engaged.

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Aunty Bernie, Retiree

Aunty Bernie is retired but spends her time wisely by volunteering with Social Gifting to nurture the differently-abled crafters. She hopes to use her love for crafting to help nurture the less fortunate to be craftrepreneurs, and to gain strength through their crafting journey.

Empower Aunty Bernie through supporting her talent in handsewn unique products

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Aunty Sim, Caregiver

Aunty Sim is the caregiver for her younger sister. She enjoys sewing and beading and hopes to bring passive income for her family through crafting, allowing her to feel empowered.

She hopes to enhance her skills and become more active through her silver years. Embarking on a journey with Social Gifting, she'll be able to find her true strengths and be meaningfully engaged.

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Aunty Lan, Caregiver

Aunty Lan had been the sole caregiver to her sister who was a cancer warrior for almost 10 years. After a long and overwhelming journey for many years, she found her purpose in life through crafting again.

Along with Social Gifting, she hopes to bring more income for her family through sewing while gaining self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. We hope you can show your support and empower Aunty Lan to continue working on her crafting strengths.

Aqiyah and Masnisah, Mother-Daughter Duo

Aqiyah is a young lady who is multi-talented in many areas. She is currently on a 3 years waitlist to APSN Centre of Adult, and has tried looking for a job but to no avail. Despite having ADHD, Tics and anger management issues, her mother Masnisah hopes that crafting can help to alleviate such concerns.

The mother-daughter duo is able to make plushies that they hope can bring comfort to users. Through this journey with Social Gifting, Aqiyah can be kept meaningfully engaged and allow the family to earn a passive income.

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Elsie and Friends, Caregivers

Elsie and friends are caregivers to their loved ones and a group of sewing enthusiasts. Their creations include intricately handsewn bags, blankets, knitted shawls and beanies among other items. Elsie and friends are committed to giving back to the community through the sale of items that they made.

Your support will enable them to not just spread joy through their crafts, but also make a difference to those in need.