About Us

At some point in our lives we’ve all had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Having a community to support those who need it, when they need it most, is why we started Social Gifting.

Our crafters are differently-abled with special needs, and terminal illnesses. Being able to create products empowers them, and helps them earn a passive income. Working allows them to be givers instead of beneficiaries. Join us to empower them.

Our Vision & MIssion

VISION - We all have different strengths. Together,we can achieve our dream.

MISSION - Empowering differently-abled crafters to build on their strength to enable them to live an enriching life with dignity.

STRENGTH: Create a community where crafting can bring people together, enable social impact and enrich communities.

ENRICH: Provide a platform for volunteers to spread joy by teaching crafters new skills. 

DIGNITY: Using crafts to help crafters earn passive income, relieve stress and better integrate back to society.

Our Core Value

C-are: We care for the community and seek to help one another

R-esilience: We build on each others' strengths, collaborate and become stronger

A-ppreciate: We embrace one another & strive to make a difference

F-oster change: When we see a gap, we take ownership, learn, and make changes

T-rust: We build trust through candid conversations to serve a common good

Design by Lily Hayze

Our Logo

BLUE: Trustworthy & Reliable

YELLOW: Radiates crafters' &
volunteers' fighting spirit & optimism

BEE: Eusocial
(Intergenerational and cooperative), self-sustainable, kampung spirit


Empowering Charity Organisations

Crafting sessions (weekly / monthly) to improve fine motor skills & confidence level through scaffolding.

Platform sharing -
 We provide product styling and packaging to enable charities to sell their crafts on our platforms.

Volunteering sessions - We connect volunteers to curate crafting sessions with the crafters.

Empowering individuals behind closed doors

Job creation - Enable crafters to start their own online store without any investment.

Mental Wellness - We work closely with crafters and caregivers to ensure mental wellness and removing their self doubts.

Creativity - We provide crafting materials and tools free-of-charge to encourage creativity and building of strength. We also encourage crafters to teach other crafters

Empowering students

Leadership- Work with students to run the Social Enterprise for 6 months to develop hard and soft skills.

Application- Students get to develop their skills in Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Finance, Volunteer Management, Sales & Logistics.


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